How to Quit Traveling in 10 Easy Steps

It's tough to walk away from these kind of sunsets.

It’s tough to walk away from these sunsets. Neil Island, Andamans

  1. Call your Parents.
  2. Tell them you’re never coming home.
  3. Listen to your mom/dad/sibling get all weepy at the thought of you extending your travel plans.
  4. Think about how cold hearted you must be to hurt your parents like this.
  5. But seriously, how cruel are you?
  6. Consider the bathtub/washing machine/mac n’ cheese/clean bed etc. waiting for you at home.
  7. When was the last time you didn’t sleep fully clothed and mummified in a sleep sack?
  8. That nagging headache, is that malaria? Dengue? Or just caffeine deficiency.
  9. Book tickets home.
  10. 10. Call parents and tell them you’re coming home. Hear them cry with joy.


Screw it, you need a good meal and a clean bed. It’s time to go home.

We had an amazing final two weeks of our trip traveling through India with a rambunctious group of friends from the US, and capped things off with the beautiful wedding  of our close friends in Kolkata. We’re finally home in NYC and easing ourselves back into the real world of applying for jobs, moving into an apartment, and generally being productive members of society once again. Our trip may be over, but readers fear not! We plan to continue to regale you with tales of our adventures eating, cooking, and living life in the Big Apple.