Oil Pulling? This is the new health craze (and I tried it)

Gargling Coconut Oil.

Gargling Coconut Oil.

I’m amazed, fascinated, disgusted, and yes, more than a little bit curious about the latest health trend. Swishing oil around your mouth is the latest in oral health!  And I tried it. Apparently the practice comes from Ayurvedic medicine and the acclaimed benefits run the gamut from teeth whitening, breath freshening, all the way to curing infection and liver problems. Lets just say that I’m in it for the sake of curiosity and possibly some whiter fangs.

How to do it:

Grab the nearest vegetable based oil. You can use coconut oil, sesame oil, or even olive oil. Put about a tablespoon in your mouth and start swirling it around. Set your timer for 20 minutes. The trick is to swish the oil around calming and in a relaxed fashion, I learned this the hard way.

At about 15 minutes my cheeks and lips began to tremble with exhaustion, I guess 1 tablespoon of delicious unrefined coconut oil was a bit too much volume for my tiny chipmunk cheeks. Also, I was a bit overzealous with the ‘pulling.’

After 20 minutes, spit the oil into the trash can – not the sink or you will clog your pipes! The idea is that this oil draws the bacteria out from your mouth, so make sure you don’t swallow it. Now go rinse your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth like you normally would.

Everyone I’ve talked to is similarly intrigued by the new concept. After reading this Jezebel article, even Zev was curious enough to try it!

Health fads are bizarre. It’s impossible to pinpoint how these sorts of things come into popular consciousness. But Oil Pulling has officially arrived as a thing. And I am always willing to try something harmless and gimicky.

I’m on my second day of oil pulling and I must admit that my teeth look a wee bit whiter (real or perceived?), my breath is fresher, and my teeth are insanely smooth. I’m hooked, and maybe you should be too?

Another health fad that I totally love: Dr. Bronner’s Soaps!

2 thoughts on “Oil Pulling? This is the new health craze (and I tried it)

    • Ahhh! All this coconut oil has given me a crazy palm sunburn! 😉 Nah, just a hint that I did some weird Instagram-worthy filters on the photo.

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