Two Weeks in America

This week marks 7 MONTHS on the road. This is the halfway point in our trip and a big milestone. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed, it’s a bit scary to be honest. It seems like just yesterday that we were nervously packing our bags and trying to explain to our friends our vague travel plans. Today we are confident in telling our friends that we have only broadest outlines of plans, and prefer it that way. Our travel style has become somewhat more relaxed, and the sense of urgency to cover ground has given way to a quiet contentment (and spending a lot of time in Bali).

Packing up for the first time was a bit chaotic.

Packing up for the first time was a bit chaotic.

I think back to our first weeks figuring it all out in China. We had no idea how to order food in restaurants, we stared at the menus printed in Mandarin and were overwhelmed with the sense that we may actually starve.

Through China and Burma we sorted out our various travel roles and have finally settled into a style of travel that suits us well.

In those first weeks on the road, we proudly told others about our grand scheme to be on the road for 14 months. We weren’t always sure we would make it the full term, telling ourselves that we could go home if it got to be too hard. It didn’t get to be too hard, it grew to be a tremendous amount of fun and a great adventure. There was no shortage of struggles or cranky moments, but I am more certain that we are capable of surviving for 14 months on the road. We have relished meeting a fascinating cast of characters and hearing their fantastical tales. We have gained a tremendous amount in both wisdom and backpacker street cred since those early days in China.

Holy camoly we’ve been homeless wanderers for a long time.

We’ve also been very sneaky lately, we were actually in America for the last two weeks visiting family. Zev’s brother recently graduated college (congrats Ezra!) so we headed home for the festivities.

Congrats Ezra!!

Congrats Ezra!!

Having the chance to see family again, recharge our batteries and restock our backpacks was refreshing. So much has changed since we left, and yet it is comforting to know that we will always have family and friends that make us feel at home. I might not have an apartment or house to call home, but there are many places that feel like home.

As you can tell by the slideshow below, we ate very very well for the last two weeks. It was a flurry of American food, more than it would be proper to tell you about. An embarrassment of delicacies. Perhaps it’s a good thing our trip was so limited, any longer and I might have done permanent damage to my arteries.

We’ve found it is really hard to hit the road again after seeing family, it takes a bit of time to adjust to the solitude of travel. There are no routines when you’re backpacking, every day is a new one requiring its own bundle of planning and logistics.

Although many heart wrenching goodbyes followed, we packed up our bags and hit the road again, making a quick pit stop in Kuala Lumpur to pick up fresh visas for Bali. My mother is arriving in Bali today and I can’t wait!

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