Divemasters in Training!

As some of you may have noticed via facebook/instagram, we’ve been spending a lot of time underwater lately. We went on a few dives around Bali in January and February, and when we returned to Bali in April, were determined to figure out a way to do more. So we decided to start a Divemaster course, the first professional level PADI course.

Zev and I are nearly finished with our Divermaster course in Sanur!

It has been 6 weeks of early mornings, early bedtimes and diving diving diving til we drop. So far, we’re hanging tough and relishing every minute of the program. I love diving and the interesting people we meet never fail to keep us entertained!

The ocean is our office these days:

Underwater Selfies FTW

Underwater Selfies FTW

Handstands on sunken ships, +10

Handstands on sunken ships, +10

An old car sunk in a fishing boat.

An old car sunk in a fishing boat.


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Stuff from around the web:

Oh boy, it might be corny but I really wanna see this new movie, Before Midnight. The trailer is so good.

I just discovered a blog, Dinner: A Love Story, and I lurvvvv these ‘100 Rules of Dinner’.

Food52 gives their ‘Advice for Future Food Writers,’ aka ‘good luck, it’s nearly impossible.’

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