Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Zev went to the market early in the morning to get me a kilo of marigolds and some beautiful purple flowers. Boyfriend points to him.

Marigolds and purple puffs for Valentine's Day

Marigolds and purple puffs for Valentine’s Day

We’ve been in Bali for a little over a month and so far, we really enjoy it. The rhythm of living in Ubud is starting to take shape, and it looks good.

Mornings start early,Some days we wake up to the most incredible sunrise and attempt our morning jog, stopping along the way to play with Molly, a friendly and incredibly sweet Bali Dog that lives on our street (she finally warmed up to Zev this week, she was very suspicious of men in general). For breakfast we sit on our porch, sip a coconut, eat granola and enjoy the rice paddy view before scootering off for a day at the chocolate factory. There are a few talismans of sedentary life we are lacking, such as real cooking pots and pans or space to host guests, but the rest of life in Bali makes up for what we lack.

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