We’re in Bali

In the two or so weeks since Kuala Lumpur, we’ve flown to Bali, found an apartment, and started volunteering! We will be living in Ubud, Bali for the next 6 weeks and are visiting a friend who runs a chocolate factory. My consumption of hot chocolate has been really out of control lately, and both of my bathing suits had elastic blowouts. These events are completely unrelated, I tell myself…

2013-01-11 08.56.50

Each day we have been getting up early to go running, which our Balinese neighbors seem to think is pretty amusing. We are discovering the local coffee shops and grocery stores. The non-nomadic life is proving to be a delightful change of pace. Personally, I thrive on a regular schedule and always need some regular exercise time and fresh veggies, so life in Ubud has been treating me well. Many of the restaurants in town serve Indonesian food with a healthy slant, as opposed to China where we struggled to find a single green vegetable, even one cooked within an inch of it’s life. Here it’s all about raw, vegan, vegetarian, etc etc. Gimme more juice! I can’t get enough of the yummy food here.

2013-01-16 18.05.12

Since arriving in Ubud we have rented a little ‘villa’ which is essentially a hotel room with a fridge and hot plate. Our property has a pool, which we share with our upstairs neighbor, the only other person on the property. Mornings are relaxed affairs, involving lots of chopped mangoes, papayas, and bananas and the occasional bowl of western cereal.

Today is a national holiday, so we have a 4-day weekend and off on a 4 hour motorbike ride to go scuba diving in the Northwest corner of the island. Last weekend we went snorkeling, and I totally fell in love with it all over again. We both really enjoy swimming out in the ocean and seeing the reef fish flitting about beneath the crystal clear water. I love that you can dip your head underwater and hear all the clicking and minute sounds of the reef life.

From around the web:

My packing list looks exactly like this one  oh wait, no it doesn’t! It doesn’t feature my stained and raggedy jacket, or my blown out undies, or the bedraggled shirts that seem to keep limping along. Oh, if only travel was that glamorous.

Also, Seinfeld’s new show, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, is hilarious.

2013-01-17 15.33.06 2013-01-18 09.32.00

5 thoughts on “We’re in Bali

  1. We are at the airport and will be at your front door in minutes. Please put up the hot chocolate.the temperature in hastings is in the single digits . Ad, um, and Sosha -who leaves sunday for Florence

  2. Z and E living large! Love it.
    It’s a bone-rattling 13 degrees here today. Cats, very sensibly, wouldn’t get out of bed.

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