Layin Low in Shanghai

Not the famous Shanghai ‘xiaolongbao’ soup dumplings, but these pork dumplings were super juicy and delicious!

This isthe famous Shanghai soup dumpling or xiaolongbao, from Din Tai Fun Restaurant. This is the hairy crab and pork variety, surprisingly sweet.

Happy (very) belated Thanksgiving!

Zev and I tracked down a Texas BBQ restaurant in Shanghai and scored some majorly authentic smoked turkey and stuffing to celebrate the holiday, it was a good consolation prize for not being with our family.

Saturday night we went to our second Thanksgiving, this one potluck style and the spread was to die for. There was the juiciest turkey known to mankind(cooked for 11 hours), mac n cheese that brought a tear to my eye, mashed broccoli which is henceforth the only civilized way to cook that veggie, and a spinach dip that I continued to snack on until 2am. πŸ˜€

Our very generous hosts (thanks Kate and Josh!) put together a knockout dinner and assembled an endlessly fascinating group of mostly-American expats living in Shanghai. Meeting so many wonderful Americans really chased away the homesickness.

Most of our stops thus-far have been full of must-see cultural and historical sights, but Shanghai’s highlights are shopping, nightlife, and dining.There is a huge expat scene and we’re lucky enough to have three good friends living and working here to show us the ropes. Unfortunately, weather has not been on our side the last several days and we’ve spent most of our days doing laundry, regrouping, and becoming semi-pro nappers, then taking to the city in the evening to enjoy good company and nightlife. In addition to our two thanksgiving dinners, we’ve sampled the local club and music scene.

The Bund was beautiful. One evening we had drinks with a friend at the Vue Bar at the Hyatt. So so gorgeous! Check out instagram for more @elizaq

After having slogged through Beijing in the cold and damp, it’s finally time to dry out our soggy feet and recharge. On Wednesday, November 28th we fly south to Kunming in Yunnan province. It is supposed to be a very scenic region, so we’re excited for the warmer temperatures and time outside. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for less smog!

Yu Gardens in Shanghai, the rockeries and quiet spaces inspire contemplation.

Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou, outside of Shanghai. The classical Chinese gardens were incredible, the style seeks to recreate natural landscapes on a miniature scale.

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  1. I had a slew of photos attached, but we’re struggling through some technology issues and they seem to have disappeared – hopefully we’ll have the photos up soon. Thanks for bearing with us, mama!

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