A few moments in Seattle

Seattle embodies a kind of left coast cool that any child of the 90s can admire. I only spent about 36 hours there, but quickly developed a full-on traveler’s crush on the place.

Upon entering the airport, I was immediately struck by the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the nostalgic sound of Nirvana tunes. It was as if this city greeted me with a wink and a nod. How can you dislike a city with a sense of humor like that? You’re immediately ‘in’ on the joke.

The weather was apparently unusual for Seattle, it was glorious, crisp, and sunny. The geography of the place also struck me as really breathtaking. High, snowy peaks on one horizon and on the other, the bay with cold clear water. I drove myself crazy trying to capture the scene.

One morning, while recovering from jet leg, I went for a run and ended up exploring some interesting spots. I ran through Chinatown and hit up at the mecca of Asian markets, Uwajimaya.

Checkout at Uwajimaya, the most wonderfully overwhelming store in the world.

My run continued along the bay and ended with Top Pot doughnuts at the recommendation of my bestie, Sarah. The maple glazed doughnuts were enough to make a girl weak in the knees.

The most amazing maple glazed doughnut of my life

Maple glazed, no other way to go.

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