The inaugural post-employment post!

In early June, we took a vote: should Eliza look for a new job so we could stay in DC for another 2 years or so, or should we pack up our lives and start the yearlong trip abroad we’d been saving up for since we starting working?

While exit polls showed it was a close race, the official vote tally came to 2 for traveling, 0 for staying. The unanimous vote was particularly fortuitous, as we hadn’t planned a tie-breaker.

Fast forward to the present:

We spent the last few weeks saying goodbye to the wonderful life we created in DC. Of particular note: our ridiculously well-stocked kitchen, Zev’s exciting and challenging job at APT, and Eliza’s patio-sunbathing sessions.

DC, we’ll miss you dearly.

Friday was the last day in our respective offices. Eliza managed to tack on a final business trip to Seattle earlier this week (a post is in the works), and as of Tuesday morning our year-plus of funemployment officially began!

We will be visiting friends and family up and down the east coast (NYC; Charlottesville,Virginia; Burlington, Vermont) for the next few weeks. Then we fly to Beijing on November 4th and begin our adventure in earnest.

The current plan is to explore China for a month, with our route looking something like: Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Yunan (Kunming, Dali, Leaping Tiger Gorge), and Chengdu.

So far Zev can count to 100 in Mandarin, and we’ve got a handy-dandy copy of This Please. China will be an exciting challenge!

As many of you already know, we are (individually and as a couple) very much into food, and have mapped out the local delicacies. We will hopefully get a chance to cook some local dishes along the way. Get ready for plenty of pictures and posts on Peking duck in Beijing, soup dumplings in Shanghai, hot pot in Chengdu, and noodles and buns galore!

From China we head to Bali, Indonesia where we will meet up with Ben Ripple, a family friend of Eliza’s and the founder of Big Tree Farms. We plan to spend some time there helping out at the chocolate factory. The details are still being hammered out, but we will be sure to share them here as things develop.

Our plans are pretty open-ended once we get to Bali, as we really don’t know how long we’ll be there. We hope to visit Zev’s camp friends in Australia and get some flying (trapeze) in, and really would like to visit New Zealand as well.

That’s our story! There’s plenty more to tell, and we’re working on our blog-posting skills and endurance, so expect the frequency to increase over time. Leave a note in the comments section or email us ( with questions, quips, travel suggestions, or if you’re on our route and want to meet up!

-Zev and Eliza

FAQ (more FAQ to come in a formal FAQ section we’re building out):

Really, you’re going to work at a Chocolate factory?

Yes, really. Unfortunately, you’re not the first to make a Willy Wonka joke.

How do you know you won’t kill each other?

We spent 2 months travelling through Southeast Asia together just after graduation in 2010 and are still alive! Number one lesson we’re taking from that trip: most fights are really just due to crankiness and can be cured by a snack, a nap, or a shower.

2 thoughts on “The inaugural post-employment post!

    • Thanks for the tip, it sounds beautiful! Have you been to leaping tiger gorge in yunan? I’m thinking we’ll have time for one big outdoors trip, so will possibly be choosing between those two.

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