Mama-E brings the Derecho to town

MamaE came into town for the Derecho on June 29th.

We began the weekend on a sweltering Friday evening, where all great DC outings begin – Barack Obama’s house. No seriously, we met outside the White House. Not only were we not invited in for some lemonade, we were made to grapple outside among the sweaty masses. MamaE hopped on my bike for a quick toodle around, and my hand bore witness with snark.

MamaE on the wheels, my lovely Electra Amsterdam.

On Saturday we rode Capital Bikeshare bikes around the National Mall, hit up the National Gallery, and had some very fancy ice cream straight from a truck parked on the mall. The National Gallery has a great exhibit up called ‘Elegance and Refinement; The Still-Life Paintings of Willem Van Aelst.’ Up through October 14th, 2012.

Doin the Shuffle in front of the National Gallery.

Mmmm…strawberry shortcake ice cream. That electric pink color gives your taste buds fair warning for the awesomeness ahead.

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