“Z” and I (“E”) decided to travel the world (for about 12 months) starting this fall! We’ll be putting everything in storage and heading out in search of adventure.

Le sister and I as wee munchkins

I haven’t been this excited in a long long time!

Over breakfast one Sunday a few weeks back, Z and I took a vote by secret ballot (ok, it wasn’t so secret considering there were only 2 votes). Z’s response to my insistence on secret ballots was ‘she’ll be able to recognize my handwriting.’ Fortunately the vote was unanimous and yielded some pretty adorably decorated ballots (mamaE is in charge of the safekeeping of these mementos).

So, with the big decision made, we tacked up a map and began examining it. And that is about as far as we’ve come since then. We’ll be taking suggestions and recommendations for things to do, places to go, people to see.

The only thing for sure is that the next year will involve donning a backpack, traipsing across multiple continents, and undertaking some great volunteer projects along the way. We will also take lots of cooking classes and share the results here. Everything else is a big fat ‘TBD.’

Hopefully this blog will be a place for family & friends to keep in touch and stay informed as our adventures unfold. The world awaits!

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